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  • Zhongji Machinery Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1992
  • We manufacture EPS, Sandwich Panel and 3D Panel Production Lines.
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EPS Automatic Block Cutting Machines(Standard,Vertical,Corrugated)
Main Features
1.The main body of the machine is composed of welded thick-walled heterotypic square pipes, which can be freely and easily dismantled and assembled;
2. The EPSBC6000 has the Horizontal, Vertical and Edge surface cutting wires to achieve the three-dimensional (3D) cutting of the EPS Blocks, the Edge surface cutting wire is equipped with its own Cutting Machine, and can operate together with the horizontal and vertical cutting wires at the same time. This machine uses the Clutch to achieve a quick return of the cutting frame;
3. The machine has a specially made 10KVA Transformer with multiple sockets to which 50 electric heating cords can be connected to at the same time. This Transformer has a large capacity and the voltage can be regulated on a wide range of values;
4. The machine has Frequency-Speed Regulator to regulate the speed between 0-4m/min, to enable smooth operation, and to smoothly cut the EPS Blocks of stable dimensions;
5. The Edge surface cutting can optionally be equipped with automatic control system;
6. The EPSBC6000/V Lengthened Vertical Block Cutting Machine can cut all kinds of small-sized EPS Blocks in vertical direction at the same time.The error in the diagonal size of the cut product is less than 1.0mm. It is used in external walls insulation;
7. Based on EPSBC6000, the EPSBC6000/C can be equiped with the Corrugated Cutting Device(Optional). This device can cut all kinds of EPS Dovetail Slot Panels, Wave-Shaped Panels, Rectangular Panels, for insulation.This device is controlled by the sigle chip micro-computer control system. The cutting parameters are inputted into the control system. And based on these inputted cutting parameters, the Step-Servo Motor is started to do the cutting.
Technical Data
Number Items Type\nit EPSBC3000、6000、8000 EPSBC3000、6000、8000/C EPSBC3000、6000、8000/V
1 Max. Cut Product Dimension mm (3080,6080,8100)×1230×1240 (3080,6080,8100)×1230×1240 (3080,6080,8100)×1230×1240
2 Min. Cutting Thickness mm 15 15 15
3 Cutting Speed m/min 0-4.5
(frequency-conversion timing)
(Stepper Motor Speed Regulator)
(frequency-conversion timing)
4 Number of Operating
Hot Wire Simultaneously
Piece 50 50 50
5 Hot Wire Specification mm 0.4-0.8 0.4-0.8 0.4-0.8

Motor Power Supply

kw 0.55 0.55 3.55
7 Transformer Capacity kw 10 10 10
8 Max. Outer Dimension mm (5500,8500,10500)×1600×2500 (5500,8500,10500)×1600×2500 (9500,12000,15000)×1600×3000
9 Machine Net Weight kg 1200,1500,1700 1300, 1600, 1800 2500,3000,3500
The cutting sizes mentioned in the above table are our standard cutting sizes.But customers can also provide their own different cutting sizes.
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Add: No. 368, Xindan Road, Qingpu industry, Shanghai, China TEL:0086-21-68453855 0086-13916868669 Email:info@zhongji.com